District Director - Joann Glasson

January 2018

San Diego ACBL Board Meetings

San Diego was a wonderful place to play bridge. The hotel was lovely and only 10 minutes from the airport. The playing spaces were huge and well lit. And the weather was just perfect! There were plenty of restaurant choices and beautiful views! A hard to beat location - we should return there more often.

The ACBL board met for five full days (including Thanksgiving) and ran over into the first day of bridge play. There were multiple management motions for consideration and the first glimpse of a 2018 budget to be reviewed.

The ACBL has been abuzz with activity since our last meetings. Our CEO, Bahar Gidwani, gave a report on his first few months on the job. I have attached a copy here for your review - CEO Report

Jay Whipple was elected ACBL President for 2018. Jay's innumberable contributions to the game of bridge include creating the Common Game, Fast Results, the Daily Online Bulletins that you receive when you play in District 4 Regional tournaments and the District 4 Partnership Desk. Jay's most recent innovation is the new REACH games that will enable players to get gold points playing in their local clubs.

Jay is the District Director from District 9 (Florida) and I am proud to be serving as Finance Chair on the ACBL board during his administration.

REACH - Regional Tournaments at the Clubs

The pilot program was held in conjunction with the Chesapeake Regional and was led by Jay Whipple's technical expertise and District 6's Margot Hennings' organizational skills. Players came out in droves to play in their local common game clubs. For a separate fee of $25, players could play up to five times in their local clubs and their best two games would be used to compete in overall awards in red and gold points. The ACBL has asked Jay to run more of these events until they get the technical issues lined up to take them over. The next pilot will likely be a night game for people who work, making the timing better for players on the West Coast.

Experimental KO Games

Different formats to make KO brackets fairer are being implemented across the country. The most popular seems to be a bracketed swiss coming down to a KO on the second day with the number of teams in the bracket divided so that no players are forced to play in a bracket they don't find comfortable. We will see more of these trials run at regional tournaments over the next few months.

Online Individual Tournament

The first online individual event was held in conjunction with the Toronto NABC and the response was amazing. 2,510 players completed the event (the preliminary management expectations were 500-1,000). The Board has approved a contract with Bridge Base Online to hold this event in conjunction with each of the NABCs in the future.

The Meyer Kotkin Rule

At the request of Meyer, I submitted a motion that will allow three strats in Gold Rush Events when A/X and Mid-Flight events are being run simultaneously. The motion passed unanimously so you will see the changes in District 4 Regional schedules.

Reinstatement of Pre-2010 LM Requirements for Lapsed Members

If you joined the ACBL prior to 2010 and subsequently let your membership lapse, you can have your membership reinstated prior to July 1, 2018 and will have the Life Master rank requirements existing prior to 2010 applied to you.

If you rejoin after July 1, 2018, you can have the Life Master rank requirements existing prior to 2010 applied to you, but you will have to pay a $50 fee.

If you know anyone that this applies to, encourage them to rejoin the ACBL before the July 1, 2018 deadline.

Uniform Electronic Device Policy

The Board approved a motion that states that any electronic devices (except for health exceptions) must be inoperable, turned off and out of sight at Regional Tournaments throughout the ACBL. This includes Apple watches, phones, etc. Directors will be directed to issue penalties for any violations.

The Board did not approve that this policy be extended to Sectional Tournaments. Sectionals will be handled by the rules of the Tournament Chair.

Mixed Team Composition

NABC Mixed Teams are now open to four, five or six players. The teams will play as two mixed pairs: one male and one female. This will allow teams of 4 men and 2 women or 4 women and 2 men to enter instead of the previous requirement that the team must be half women and half men.

Mini Blue Ribbons

The upper masterpoint level for the Mini Blue Ribbon event has been increased to 6,000 masterpoints from the previous 5,000 masterpoints.


For the first time in many years of trying, the Board of Directors approved term limits for themselves. Although the motion grandfathers in existing board members, it is a step in the right direction that will enable new blood to flow on the board. New board members bring new energy and ideas that will help revitalize the organization.

In another step forward, the Board of Directors approved a motion to convert to all electronic paperless meetings. This will produce a savings of about $4 to $6K a year in printing and mailing costs.


San Diego brought a look at the preliminary budget for 2018. The bottom line is a loss of $170K. One major contributor to the loss is the $100K financial commitment to the WBF to support the Orlando World Championship. This was a promise made by ACBL board members many years ago. In addition, there is the great expense of staging the Fall 2018 NABC in Honolulu, something that was also approved eight years ago.

The 2018 budget is based on a large increase in revenue driven by a new $8 temporary ACBL membership that will become available next year. Membership in the ACBL will be required to play in an ACBL event or program. Members will be able to try the ACBL for a month for $8, receive a copy or two of The Bulletin, and hopefully will convert to full membership.

Other major expenditures scheduled for 2018 are increased spending on training tournament directors, technology support and marketing efforts to promote ACBL membership.

The final budget will be voted on at the Spring NABC in Philadelphia.

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions on this report.


Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs: 35 -Marty Seligman

Mitchell Open B-A-M Teams: 26 - Connie Goldberg; 48 - Dan Boye, Tom Weik

Senior Mixed Pairs: 27 - Bob and Joann Glasson

Whitehead Women’s Pairs: 20 - Patricia Civale, Daisy Goecker

Mixed Swiss Teams: 33 - May Sakr; 38 - Bob and Joann Glasson

North American Swiss Teams: 7/8 - May Sakr; 10 - Marty Seligman; 27 - Tom Weik


Daylight A/X Open Pairs: 2 - David Hoffner; 3 - Barry Gorski, Andie Sheaffer

A/X Open Pairs: 5 - Bob and Joann Glasson

Mon-Tues Side Game: 1 - Judith Argento

49er I/N Pairs: 1 - Kathy Ebeling

A/X Swiss Teams: 1 - Connie Goldberg

Mon-Tues Knockout Teams Bracket 1: 2 - Benito Garozzo

Wed-Thurs Knockout Teams Bracket 1: 3/4 - Benito Garozzo

Fri-Sat Knockout Teams Bracket 2: 1 - Kathy Fisher, Mordecai Schwartz

B/C/D Evening Swiss: 1 - Gary Hillenbrand, Arnold Kritz

Fri-Sun Side Game: 2 - Judith Argento

Friday-Sunday Side Series: 3/4 - Judith Argento

Sat-Sun Knockout Teams Bracket 2: 1 - Jill Fisch, John Gassenheimer

Sat-Sun Knockout Teams: Bracket 1: 3/4 - Michael Shuster

Sunday Gold Rush Swiss Teams: 1 - Jack Rudy, Alexis Peffer

Sunday Fast Pairs, Flight C: 3 - Frank Morgan

Sunday Afternoon Side Pairs: 2 - Michael Shuster