District 4

Lifetime Masterpoint Acheivement


Unit 141 player Ken Cohen arrived at the Wilkes-Barre Regional with 19,993 masterpoints, and after winning two matches in the first knockout event, went over 20,000 total masterpoints.

Ken has won four national events with District 4 players. He won a National Mixed Team event with Evie Cogan, a National Mixed Pairs with JoAnn Sprung, a National Open Pair event with Bob Thomas and most recently a National Senior Swiss Team, playing with Neal Satten with Tom Weik and Rick Rowland as teammates.

In 1977, Ken won the Fishbein Trophy for the best overall performance at the Summer Nationals, coming in second in both the Life Master Pairs and the Spingold, playing in both events with first time partners.

Ken won the national Ace of Clubs race in both 2006 and 2007, breaking the record in 2006 and finished seventh in the top 500 masterpoint winners in 2007.

Ken has won the Dave Treadwell award for top finisher in District 4 events for the last three years and has won the most points at PCBA sectional tournaments in each of the last four years.

Ken has also had articles published in the ACBL Bulletin and is a frequent lecturer at District 4 tournaments. He has been a full time professional player since 1978.

Congratulations to Ken, the first Unit 141 member to reach this plateau and the first District 4 player to join the late, great Dave Treadwell in this accomplishment!!!