Intermediate/Newcomer Events at the Philadelphia NABC
March 8 - 18, 2018

What Would Ben Say? About the Intermediate/Novice events at the Philadelphia NABC 2018?

To all you Intermediate and Newcomer players, Mr. Franklin would say
“Let’s get passionate! Let’s have fun! Let’s meet the challenge!”

Come to the Intermediate/Newcomer Games in Philadelphia this summer – March 8 - 18, 2018– and join the many teams getting better at their bridge game every day!

Everybody plays at the NABC Philadelphia 2018! You’ll find all sorts of interesting people at our I/N events: kids – athletes – business tycoons - the brain trust is enormous. The benefits of Duplicate Bridge apply to everyone!

Why come?

• You get free bridge lessons. Free bridge lessons every day!

• Your game is going to progress – your bidding will get better, your play of the hand will get better! Come have some lessons and watch your Master Point total climb a little – maybe even a lot.

• This is for us! A National ACBL tournament for the Mid-Atlantic and the entire East Coast! Let’s own this event! And welcome our fellow Intermediate/Newcomer friends from all across the country.

• Each day – there will be something special just for our Intermediate/Newcomer friends.

Want the Tournament Schedule? See NABC Intermediate/Newcomer Schedule

Need hotel reservations? Book early – that’s always the best plan.

Making it a vacation? Check out Ben Franklin’s Philadelphia at Child friendly, art friendly, music friendly, science friendly, cheesesteak friendly, Phillies friendly... We love showing off our city. Bring a friend and come to Philly!

Come to the Intermediate/Newcomer events at the NABC Philadelphia March 8 -18, 2018- “Let’s get passionate! Let’s have fun! Let’s meet the challenge!”