Parking at the Philadelphia NABC

Did we mention how easy it is to take a train to Market East Station, which is right under the convention center? The cost is only $1 if you have a medicare card...

If you are determined to drive:

There will be reasonable rates for parking in the area of the Marriott during the Summer Nationals. Through Parkway Corporation, we have arranged for substantially discounted rates at two sites..

“Juniper” between 12th and 13th, immediately behind the Marriott @ $15/day; and

“12th St.” on the west (right) side of 12th street, 1.5 blocks south of the Marriott @ $10/day. This facility may fill up quickly.. see alternatives below.

If you park at these facilities, you will receive a “ticket” when you arrive. When you come to the Marriott, make sure you pick up one of our discounted tickets at the information booth. You will use THIS ticket when you pay for your parking on the way out. Everett Young, parking chairman, or a committee member will be at the information booth daily for about ½ hour before each 10 AM and 3 PM session. Also for about 15 minutes after each of those sessions. Tickets may also be available at the information booth whenever it is “manned.”

These rates are for All Day.. There is no time limit. Be aware that “early bird” rates at other lots may appear to be competitive, but the hours usually don’t work with our bridge schedule. Often they require you to be out by 6 PM. Additionally, the Juniper location is okay for overnight parking at the same $15 rate.

Other rates of interest include:

At, you can print out discount coupons for their lots at 11th and Race (right side), or 12th and Sansom (on the left side of the street across from the Parkway lot mentioned above). Currently those rates are $12 for 12 hours. We will have copies of those coupons available at the information desk.

The best deals for longer term, overnight parking are near the Airport. Google discount parking at the airport, Philadelphia, and you’ll find parking rates currently as low as $4/day. These facilities will provide free transportation to the airport. An inexpensive train, $3, from the airport to Market Street East is a half-hour ride.

1. Discount PHL Parking - $4.25/Day @ Philadelphia Airport
Free Shuttle - No Service Fees!

2. $4.45 PHL Airport Parking - Safe & Secure Parking 24/7

The parking lot between 15th-16th and on Spring St, (½ block south of Vine St.) is $5 evenings after 5 PM and $5 all week-ends. Savings for those willing to walk for 10 minutes.